When Real Men Wore High Heels

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Right now you will notice a fashion trend that’s quite unusual. The high heel boots which are over the knee tend to be back in style, yet a lot of men are not going to wear these that much.

When Real Men Wore High Heels

Kinky Boots is a musical focused on the idea of trying out new styles and exploring them in a fun way that actively makes a lot of sense. And in this case you really get to enjoy some unique options while also pushing the boundaries a little bit at the same time.

Real men in heels

What we don’t realize is that while real men are not entirely down to wearing high heels right now, history has shown us that this is a style men will actually try out and experience from time to time.

And the reason for it is rather simple, men want something unique, different and they are also expected to dress a certain way. However, during the early Modern Europe times high heel boots were great for men and super popular at least for that time.

On top of that, during the renaissance and middle ages you could find men that used low heeled boots and shoes. Even the armors had some pointy and long tips that resembled heels right now.

The Mongolian nomads named Xianbei brought the stirrup to life and this idea went on to be shared with the cavalry and many other people at that time.

The interesting thing about it is that when you fall off the horse, you will end up with a lack of stability and you can even have the foot being caught in there. Some horsemen even ended up dying due to the stirrup not being used properly.

And it’s these little things that can end up being a problem. Which is why adapting all of this is a very good idea, all you need is to use this adequately and just go from there.

But things have evolved and wearing high heels actually makes a lot of sense. Yes, it’s not the ultimate fashion choice in most cases, but it totally works and it provides the type of ideas and features a lot of people might miss.

Wearing High Heels

Which is fine, because wearing high heels is all about expression. You wear high heels because you want to express yourself and even acquire a bit of protection.

Real men did wear high heels for a very long time, despite the design not being the best.

However, now that things are a lot more interesting and visually appealing, you can easily see why wearing heels is such a good idea.

It pays off nicely, it gives you clever options and features while also adapting everything to suit your needs all the time.

Yes, it’s demanding and challenging, but at the same time it’s not going away at all. And that’s why you need, a great approach and a unique way to just take all these things to new heights. It’s definitely a creative aspect and one you do not want to miss as a man.

Don’t let others judge what you’re wearing and instead express yourself. After all, real men are wearing high heels and you can do that too!

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