Graduate's High Heels For Men Are Staggering For Models

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One of the main challenges with men's fashion is that you always tend to work with the same kind of stuff and visuals.

It’s important to understand the scope of modern fashion and to actively find a way to improve on it and make things work.

men in high heels

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And while women always had some sort of way to express themselves, not a lot of men were ok with the idea of trying a sartorial style that women do.

Yet it seems that this type of idea caught the eye of Rui Leonardes which is a very young shoe designer.

Rui Leonards Heels For Men 

He wanted to start balancing the score naturally and he did that with the creation of high heels for men. These were displayed at the Royal College of Arts MA Fashion Graduate Show.

The models went onward with spike heeled stilettoes of around 6 inches and the shoes were handmade with materials like denim, leader, tweed and a bit of nylon and wood can be found in there too.

men in high heels

It’s a very interesting and distinctive approach that has the potential to pay off big time without putting too much of a pressure or bringing in any possible challenges that can arise in a situation like this all the time. It’s a very creative aspect and the models, in particular, seem to like this approach quite a lot just because it’s very different and powerful.

Obviously there was a bit of uncertainty with a situation like this. Even the models were not entirely sure what they are getting themselves into. But they actively tried to make this more and more interesting while not rushing it in any way.

And after trying the shoes for a bit, they went on.

The Models Shoes

The models actually got some time with their shoes so they could be able to prepare for this process and eventually see how everything works if it was ok or not.

While their toes pinched for a bit, the reality is that those results did pay off big time and it was an incredible approach and a powerful system for them.

Some were not that lucky, with a few models having just 15 minutes of trying out the shoes before going on the stage.

But the results were great and even if this is the work of a student, you can clearly notice the high amount of passion and commitment that went into this.

It’s clear that the students did everything they could to make this stand out and it actively brought some astonishing and very powerful ideas that everyone really wanted.

Men in high heels

This clearly goes to show that a young designer can have the commitment and clarity to bring in something new and fresh to the table.

It’s an inspiration that every man can actually wear heels, it’s not super difficult and if you have the right ideas and you know how to do it, things are quickly becoming easier and you don’t have to worry about any problems anymore.

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